Fundamental Principles

The participating universities have determined that the following fundamental principles will act as guidelines for all members of the alliance community:

Education - ACEU will strive to cultivate the creativity, character and social nature of its students and to provide them with the practical knowledge, international communicative abilities, advanced skills in specialized fields and analytical skills needed by individuals to live as independent members of society;

Research - ACEU will (i) actively utilize its intellectual and human resources to promote academic research that focuses on community, environment and life, (ii) promote the advancement of basic sciences and the development of applied sciences, and will conduct the academic research aimed at the formation and consolidation of knowledge and (iii) systematically support research groups that have insight and originality;

Contribution to Society - By returning the fruits of its academic research to society and producing outstanding graduates, ACEU will (i) contribute to the sustainable development of society, harmony between humans and the natural environment and (ii) provide the community with knowledge and technology of the highest standards in relevant areas and think and work with members of the community towards the solution of local problems and towards self-determined development;

Quality assurance - ACEU will promote a sustainable quality assurance policy at all levels of education and research among the Alliance members, supported by a common strategy, developed annually. The quality assurance procedures are subject to be discussed and developed inside the Alliance and best practices will be shared equally with all the Alliance members. The Alliance will act in order to develop the Alliance Quality Assurance (AQA) body, responsible for the implementation of the quality assurance strategy and the elaboration of quality assurance procedures;

Multiculturalism - The Alliance acts in the spirit of recognition and respect of the cultural diversity of its members. The Alliance encourages the multiculturalism approach in every common activity.