The Green MBA

As ever more corporations begin to focus on strategies to gain competitive advantage through environmentally sustainable practices, such as carbon reduction, energy efficiency and cleaner technologies and discover that considerable opportunities to save money exist by doing so they will need business leaders who can lead in these efforts and who understand the issues and opportunities that exist.

A Masters Degree in a Green Business Administration, The Green MBA, positions one to become a leader in this exciting transformation of the way business is being conducted around the world. It can help those who are driven to achieve make this world a better place while they help their enterprises turn a long term sustainable profit.

The most important concept the students will learn is the ―Earth Systems lens or approach to organizational sustainability. The Systems Thinking takes complex systems and adds a natural component. For those that aren’t aware, complex systems thinking is based on the notion that the relationships in a system are not linear – that there is a complex set of interrelations that makes up the system. The Systems approach shares this notion, and also draws on the natural environment for more understanding of how these relationships work.

Like traditional MBA’s The Green MBA is granted after two years of graduate-level study that provides training in the theory and practice of business management with a focus on managing the enterprise in a sustainable fashion. This includes managing the environmental impact of the business, increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste, finding ways to promote sustainable practices in all aspects of the business from product development, to supply chain, production, packaging, distribution and marketing.

The green MBA, also called a ―sustainable business degree teaches an approach to business that changes the focus of business from short term financial gains only, to a long term appreciation of economic, social and natural capital; often called the triple bottom line. The phrase: profits, people and planet also evokes this broader metric for measuring a business’s long term success. The green management philosophy taught seeks to position the enterprise for long term success, by finding ways to use less energy and material, become more efficient, less wasteful and resourceful in how it does business.

The ACEU Green MBA Program of study is a Masters Level Program completed over 4 semesters run over 2 academic years by at least 3 members of the ACEU. The students spend 1 semester at each of the participating Universities delivering the relevant modules and than spend the last semester completing their Masters Research Thesis at the University from which they originate. After successfully completing the study program they receive a joint Diploma issued by the Universities which have accredited the Green MBA Program in their respective Countries.