University Sports Games

University Sports Games – ACEU was an international sport event held on 18-21st of August in Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia. University Sports Games-ACEU represented the very first joint sports project of the Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities – ACEU, and it was initially organized and developed by Educons University from Serbia - ACEU University founder and member.

The main objective of the Games organizer, Educons University, as the first private, fully accredited academic institution in the territory of AP Vojvodina, Serbia, and as the Alliance member, was to encourage mass development and promotion of sport among the student population, considering the affirmation of international cooperation in the field of university sports.

At the same time, the mission of the University Sports Games-ACEU  was to create connections between the student population in Central and Eastern Europe and Serbia in the academic field of sport, relying on the aim of developing a harmonious unity of physical and spiritual abilities among students.

Youth sport, developed on universities, greatly contributes to individual’s versatile personality formation, develop and expand the vital values (friendship, cooperation, fair play, perseverance) and at the same time, highlighted by a competitive spirit, is preparing youth for the challenges (through games and competitions) that they will have to face through future employment and professional occupation.

General propositions of the Games provided the following list of competitive disciplines:

  • mini football,
  • basketball (street basketball),
  • sand valleyball,
  • athletics (2+2) - long jump; shot put 100 m; running (5000m male; 3000m female)
  • tennis.

 In accordance with official program, each University had the right to apply no more than one team in each sport discipline. Participants were required to pay the participation fees (accommodation, transportation and sports equipment for the students) and the organizer was required to pay the general fees of event organization and development.

Taking into consideration the significance of this student sports manifestation, in promoting process of cooperation with other universities, and in strengthening private-public partnership in the sphere of higher education in the territory of Vojvodina and Serbia, the organizer’s expectations and wishes were, as well, to host in the competition section of the event, the team members who were the student representatives of the University of Novi Sad, University of Kragujevac and the Military Academy of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, who took part as special guests of the event.